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Cynical Silence


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For every light, there's a darkness hidden out of sight That very moment, of silent screaming A heavy heart, The sense of constant failure A loss of feelings The end of Innocence Theres nowhere that you'd rather be No question of what you will see Its the end of sadness, it's the end of innocence for you Its the end of Innocence for you A frightened child, Safely buried in your memory Of childhood sadness, A tragic story Now you have grown, and your emotions blind you Impatient voices, will end your Innocence Theres nowhere that you'd rather be No question of what you will see Its the end of sadness, it's the end of innocence for you Its the end of Innocence for you
When will you know when its time to untie all your knots? Cant find or form, the words Is truth even possible? Will you find, the heart and time Alone with visions of all that you hate Forget the rest Its all a test Forgive and ponder before its too late Waiting too long for something Turns into something that will not be Take silence and embrace The sound of nothingness The luxury of time Will keep you off of your balance So many ways to live a life Is all this a big mistake? As a Restless Seeker Sensation is hard to find As a Restless Seeker The pleasure is left behind
I no longer, feel stronger The distance thats between us Cant take it, wont break it The very thought is painfull Ive always known, how hard this would be Ive always shown, my feelings for you Voiceless candor, Shattering all that I have I cant imagine the pressure of All the emotions that bind you Instead of letting your feelings shine You give a Cynical Silence My devotion, your emotion They're not enough to save us The coldness, the sadness The everlasting silence I cant take anymore of this pain Will you let all this perish in vein?
Incurably curious I set out in search of light Insatiably furious Are voices echoing at night And then I heard a voice that said Vengeance is mine Carrying anger will only crush. Any chances you have at a life The pain of knowing that in your failure Vengeance will be mine! There's comfort in knowing that. You have means of control. Insisting on questioning Distorts the contemplating roll Fascinating fantasies Provoke the senses in your mind A tapestry of clarity Impossible for you to find Are you falling? Are you calling? For vengeance is mine Learn forgiveness, don't be soulless For vengeance is mine A fire burning in your soul, will you allow it to be seen? A tapestry of clarity A world of colors seldom seen Calculated strategy To form ideas of your own A blow to your reality Revealing senses so unknown The voice that I heard, said vengeance is mine A flash in the sky, said vengeance is mine
Why is my reflection, so hard to recognise? Has time been so unfair Consumed by desperation, my mind is hypnotised No emotion, but despair A struggle so confusing, of ethical demand Is enough to drive me mad No other color but grey When your a radical realist Only one way you can go When your a radical realist What will you show The truth will be forever, It's found within ourselves Is your mind so weak and frail? Choose a destination, and solve this mystery Trust your judgement and prevail Every gaze a revelation, every glimpse a new horizon An expression for the stars Are you plagued by all your scars
A Day Without Loss (for Nora) The longest moment in my life And it's over now As if to fall into a dream without falling asleep And the sky is beyond; my touch In A day without loss Can I have a day without loss Give me a day without loss Can I have a day without loss
The older I get, the faster time goes by The stigma of, seeing things you cant un-see Try to fill the time, waiting for the call I try to run, when its so hard to crawl Approach, re-approach That everlasting twilight, in the sky I clear my eyes, confusion takes my will The gaps between, every breath I take Approach, re-approach That everlasting twilight, in the sky The Invisible Thread, Just like the hourglass thats full of sand No matter what you know Its only what you show The final movements of The hands of time My head hangs low, contemplating life Obsessing all the time, The beginning to every end The winter cold, Surrounding every thought A calmness I, long to feel again
Answers 04:28
Answers, will never come If you can't find where they're from Recognize, with some relief Clarity will come if you believe An open smile will never lie An empty heart, is searching to subside When you come from chaos You must fight through it all When you're out of choices That's when you stand tall Life is unstoppable, will you be capable? To take all the risks in the way Answers I don't know, Answers you will have to show
The story is revealed A constant struggle to express false pretences misdirect my life of irrelevance Fake smiles and agendas make me climb the walls of doubt don't mistake, speaking without thought with speaking the truth When all a person wants Is to say a final goodbye When all a person needs Is to have their time, and peace of mind My Island is Home Forever after My Island is home thats my sanctuary Whenever I lose control And the world starts fading My Island is Home Solitary Patterns make for rogue elements Evolving, strong memories Remain, that burden my soul


"Cynical Silence" is the sophomore album by the progressive metal project between musician/producer Bob Katsionis and singer/lyricist Billy Vass, based in Athens, Greece.
"Their second effort presents us with their unique blend of 90's-00's progressive metal of Fates Warning, Queensryche, and more modern elements by bands like Pain Of Salvation and Leprous.
The powerful vocals of Bill Vass give a unique flavor to this blend, while his lyrics bring a more esoteric point of view to the whole project."


released April 7, 2023

All Music by Bob Katsionis
All Lyrics & Vocal Melodies by Billy Vass
Recorded & Mixed by Bob Katsionis @ Sound Symmetry Studio, GR.
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos @ VU Productions, Piraeus, GR

Billy Vass: Vocals
Bob Katsionis: Guitars/Bass/Keyboards
Ross Lagos: Drums


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